Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Ride

Because of the wet trails from days of rain, I didn't ride offroad today. I went for a fun ride in town. I first stopped to watch the Twin Cities marathon with my family. We cheered on the runners. The race passes about 6 blocks from my house.I crossed the path when it was clear enough to not get in the way of runners and rode north on 4th Avenue to the Midtown Greenway bike path. I've never used 4th Ave. as a through street, but I found it to be very nice. Not many cars or lights. Lots of interesting things to see.
The graffiti on this building is really nice. I hope it's OK with the owner.

One portion of today's ride goes through an area of St. Louis Park (or Hopkins) that has lots of elderly living facilities. I saw lots of older people out walking and enjoying the nice day. It immediately reminded me of Ray's comment on visiting people who live in elderly residences.

If you had a scratch-and-sniff monitor, you'd know the cloud above my bike smells like Ovaltine.
While downtown. I found this giant, red garage door. I thought it would be a nice backdrop for the Davidson 650B conversion bike. Instead, the result is that I really hate my cell-phone camera. I have officially started shopping for a replacement for the camera we left on a park bench in Duluth.

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