Thursday, October 25, 2007

Today's Ride Home

The wind was at my back on the way home today. It was a very strong wind. The leaves raced me and they usually won. Every once in a while they caught in my fenders and buzzed the tires loudly.

Some people have decorated nicely for Halloween.

The sign says, "Bus stop to HELL" The little kid on the bench has a demon face.
A beautiful day.

These leaves are swirling, but you can't tell in this cell-phone cam shot.

I took this photo of the light rail train from a bike bridge overpass. The cell phone cam can't catch leaves in flight, but it stopped the train.

I had another phone shot of a nice skeleton mural, but my Verizon phone won't mail it to me. I have to email each photo to myself from my cell phone. My phone has a USB jack, but it's disabled by Verizon. Anyhoo, I tried to send the photo of the mural to myself three times. It never shows up.

This is where I park my bike when I pick the kids up from school. The school doesn't have bike racks. I wonder why the kids are so chubby?

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Sophzilla said...

That train photo looks as if you were riding on top of it. Glad you weren't.

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