Monday, July 21, 2008

Gloves or Not?

When I began cycling I bought a pair of cycling gloves and have used them ever since.

This spring, I grew tired of some of the complications that go along with my cycling habits. Gloves, for example, need to be washed, kept track of, put on, and taken off.

After about two months without gloves, I decided to wear them again this weekend.

What has the little experiment revealed? I'm a whiner and a malcontent. Without gloves my hands get sore. With gloves my hands tingle and go numb.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'll definitely continue whining.


Jim Thill said...

I'm not surprised by your whining.

I rode the Lake Pepin loop gloveless yesterday. The newly shellacked tape chewed up a new pair of gloves a few weeks ago, and yesterday it definitely chafed my palms a little. But there were no numbness problems. I figure the chafing will ultimately result in manly callouses.

T3 said...

i wear full fingered gloves when i race. otherwise, never -- unless it's cold.

just one more thing to try to keep track of.

red rabbit said...

I always wear gloves. I see them as a safety item: less gravel to dig out of skin makes me a less whiny boy.
I'm not so good at washing them. I can't believe your gloves have lasted this many decades : O

Frostbike said...

I've quit wearing gloves too, except in winter. Though I wonder about the wisdom of this in the event of a crash. I remember crashing as a kid and tearing up the palms of my hands trying to break my fall.

Eclectchick said...

I'm with red rabbit on this one. Plus, sweaty hands is slippery hands - not a problem with gloves.

I just bought a new pair o' pink 'n girly gloves, and I love 'em. Took a couple of rides to get them good and sweaty so they'd stretch a bit. Now they fit darned good.

Snakebite said...

"Gloves, for example, need to be washed, kept track of, put on, and taken off."

You're suppose to take them off???

Anonymous said...

Most of the year I wear thin base layer gloves. Cycling gloves can get uncomfortable but on long ride you need them.

Anonymous said...

Wife just took a dive the other day without her gloves. No broken bones but much meat lost where the gloves WOULD have been. She will always wear gloves now. Skin at acceleration is no match for asphalt.

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