Thursday, July 03, 2008

Photos from Nazi Occupied France

Browse through these photos:

Someone posted this link on the iBob list. I looked at the photos and found so many things to comment about that I don't know where to start.

  • Nice color in the photos
  • Cool bike trailers
  • Crazy high-heeled shoes with springs in them
  • Woman with yellow star
  • Nazis
  • etc.


KM said...

Thanks for sharing these. My father was born in Paris and was 17 when the Germans arrived in 1940. His stories of that time were always fascinating. The French, being the French, always adapted and apparently made life hell for the Germans. He told stories of he and my uncle and their friends sabotaging German vehicles by slashing the tires and putting water in the gas tanks. The bakers would piss in the dough before baking their baquettes and only the locals would of course receive the good bread.

Because my grandmother was married to an American, they were allowed to emmigrate to the States just before Pearl Harbor. My dad promptly enlisted in the Army and went back and made their lives miserable again, this time in uniform.

Anonymous said...

I'll echo Km's thanks.Along with being a wine connoisseur, I'm a history buff and a photography lover so these were great.

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