Friday, September 12, 2008

New Bike (sorta)

I've had an idea for a bike since I installed the dirt-drop style bars on my commuting bike sometime last year. I loved the way the bars felt and liked the way it felt off road. I thought about having the same bike without the racks, fenders, lights and any other extras. Then I saw a post on about Monstercross bikes. (Apologies to you wordsmiths, I didn't invent the term.)

It all came together and I found a frame to serve as the basis for my Monstercross bike.

I just got it together tonight. Currently, it's a two-speed, but I'll most likely double the number of gears soon by adding a front derailleur and another chain ring.

The around-the-block test ride was fantastic. It rides exactly as I planned with the longer stem. (Last weekend, I tried a shorter stem and it wasn't right.) Tomorrow morning, it gets to go on the Hiawatha Cyclery Nature Ride.

The definition of Monstercross is pretty squishy. It has something to do with drop bars and tires fatter than the UCI cyclocross maximum of 32mm.


Reflector Collector said...

Looks pretty cool. Something like the new Salsa "Fargo"

I could dig such a ride, but worry that it would be difficult to get a comfortable "roadish" position on something worthy for crummy conditions.

Perfect TransIowa or epic gravel adventure machine.

rigtenzin said...

I can't get over how comfortable this bike is. I fit the bars really well.

Anonymous said...

How do you get just two gears?

rigtenzin said...

Two Gears? The simple answer is that it only has two cogs and one chainring. Why? That's more complicated, but I will probably add more gears, somehow.

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