Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Run Outlook in Safe Mode

Warning: If you don't care about Microsoft related crap, ignore this post.

I've learned a couple of methods to start MS Outlook in safe mode:

1. Hold down the Ctrl key when starting MS Outlook until it starts. It will display (Safe Mode) in the title bar.
2. In the Run window type outlook /safe. (How do you get to the Run window? Window key + r or Start>Programs>Accessories>Run.)

Q: Why would someone want to run Outlook in safe mode?
A: If you find it unreliable, this will start it without add ins that seem to be a common cause of Outlook's instability.


lemmiwinks said...

Wouldn't it just be Start->Run? Outlook is woeful, I pity anyone who has to use it.

rigtenzin said...

My version of Vista does not have a Run command at the start menu, so I navigated through the long, tortured path. The Window key + r is pretty useful too. I accept the possibility that my version is configured strangely (by me) and does not reflect what others see in their version of Vista.

I use Outlook, because our company relies heavily on the calendar and Contacts. I haven't looked thoroughly for a replacement, but the two I've tried do not do the job.

lemmiwinks said...

Oh Vista, my mistake then (probably). You're a glutton for punishment!

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