Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Limited Nature of Scattered Thundershowers

On my ride home yesterday, I fully understood the pattern of scattered thunder showers. The weather site I use predicted scattered thunder showers. I left the building during a sprinkle. Within a couple of blocks I was riding in a heavy downpour and I was completely soaked. The rain felt a little cold and I hoped it would end soon.

It did and I rode through puddles and wet pavement. Then the rain started again, not too heavy though. Then I rode into a dry area. A woman was mowing her lawn. Then I rode into more light rain as I neared the Mississippi River. As I crossed the river, I noticed the ground was dry and no signs of rain.

In my neighborhood, I saw a friend and we rode to my house. We turned into the alley and my son came roaring at us on a big wheel. My daughter was riding some kind of crazy new scooter and other neighborhood kids were riding bikes. There was no rain at my house.


Sophzilla said...

I have a vision of you covered in grass clippings.

rigtenzin said...


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