Monday, May 22, 2006

The Three-Speed Tour was Great

I rode in the three-speed tour last weekend. It was great. I'm already looking forward to next year's. The two best things about it are meeting and talking to people and seeing the beautiful Lake Pepin area.

This year, I stayed at the back most of the time and hung out at the numerous stops much longer than I planned. That gave me lots of chances to meet the eclectic bunch that attends this ride.

Friday night, before the ride, someone called me and wanted to share the drive down to Red Wing. I was glad she called, because it can be a lonely drive. I enjoyed talking to her.

I camped at a city park with about eight other riders. The other 40 or so riders stayed in motels and B&Bs. One of the campers has a super power. He's the most powerful snorer I've ever heard. I fortunately brought my ear plugs. That was the end of that problem. I got up to relieve myself during the night and heard a domestic squabble in the neighboring RV park. Lots of screaming. I wonder if alcohol was involved. The RV people also run generators at night. Ear plugs are great.

I'll post one of two of my good photos when I get around to it.

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Sophzilla said...

Ah, nothing says summer like a domestic at a campground. Did the police come? It's like the people who pick their noses in their cars -- do they think they're invisible? In this case, do they think that their voices don't carry when the only thing between you and them is a strip of canvas?

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