Monday, May 01, 2006

How are those knees?

My knees were pretty sore by the end of yesterday's Ironman ride. I'll see how quickly and completely they recover, before I make my decision about riding longer distances again.

The ride was memorable. It was raining from the start to the finish. Within a mile of the start, I knew my waterproof socks were a sham. I'll return them. I bought a bicycle cape from Campmor. After several hills, I was so sweaty underneath that the cape didn't matter. I was in the same condition under my rain pants -- soaked from the sweat. At the first rest stop I wanted to stand on top of a table and ask if anyone's rain gear was working. By working I mean that it was stopping the rain from getting in and still letting perspiration evaporate. I didn't ask.

Instead, I took off my rain cape and pants and put them into my Carradice bag for the rest of the ride. I rode with just my shorts, leg warmers, and double jersey layer. It worked nicely. The rain was light enough that I never felt soaked. If the temperature had been a few degrees colder I bet I would have been miserable. That's a lesson: sometimes no rain gear is best in light rain.

The wind made some of the hills really tough. I like hills so it was not a big problem. But I'm really sure there were lots of people suffering out there.

Near the end, the route crossed some railroad tracks. Just after we crossed them I heard the revolting crash of body and bike to asphalt. A couple guys crashed. That sound is so bad. I turned around and saw they were already up and walking around. They had twisted bikes. Just after that another guy crashed. Those tracks were wet and at a slight angle to the direction of the road. That's treacherous for skinny tires. I used to bunny hop tracks that were like that.

I've been icing my knees. I don't know if riding tomorrow is smart or not. I hate driving to work. But I want my knees to heal. Then I can ride any time I want. If I ride to work too early before my knees have healed, I may jeopardize my riding in the long term. Maybe one more day of driving my car. Then I can ride on Wednesday.


Sophzilla said...

This has nothing to do with the post. But, when I read Thadeous Bacon and industry "fashion" I snorted with laughter. Loud.

Eclectchick said...

Duuuuude. Why are your knees so sore? Have you been for a proper bike fit? Talk to me. Oh wait. You don't even know me. Well, I hope you find the cause and heal them up soon. Eez no good to hurt on bike.

P.S. I'm ohsoglad I didn't ride the Ironman this year. :-D

rigtenzin said...

The rain and wind weren't so bad. The guys I rode with were fun to talk to.

The knees are a recurring thing. If I take it easy and don't increase my mileage too quickly, they are useable.

Eclectchick said...

Well, good. I went through a lot to resolve various aches on the bike and am now riding pain-free. So, I hate to hear of anyone else suffering. :-) Ride happy.

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