Friday, May 05, 2006

My little rides

My daughter learned to ride her bike solidly without training wheels two weeks ago. She flys up and down the alley with her friends. I hear their voices carrying all over the block as they scream at each other.

I hear from others that she crashes, but not from her. She doesn't think of the crashes as very noteworthy, I guess. I ask her about the crashes and she gives me the details, but doesn't show any concern.

When she can't find friends to ride with, she asks me to ride. I get on the handiest bike and ride along side her. She tells me about things as if we were on a walk together. As she rides, she swerves and overcorrects, just missing dumpsters and bushes. I can barely concentrate on the conversation, because I'm focusing on her riding.

When we park our bikes, my mind catches up and I realize I'm filled with love.

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Sophzilla said...

I love the visual of her on her bike. I bet you get some great stories and comments along the way. I love the way her mind works!

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