Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nature Valley Gran Prix Stage Race

Friday night, I'm going to see the Nature Valley Gran Prix Minneapolis Downtown criterium. It's stage 3 of the race. I'll meet a friend and watch the races. I really like downtown as it offers lots of interesting things to photograph. Actually, I like lots of other aspects about downtown.

On Sunday, I'm going to the Stillwater Criterium which is stage 5. My friend is from Stillwater and he says the Chillcute Hill will really be a struggle. I'm taking my family and we'll try to find a new park with an awesome play area they built in Stillwater. That'll be something for the little guys to look forward to.

I've wanted to watch these races each year they come in town, but my schedule hasn't allowed it. Finally, I've got it worked out.

I'll take the real camera, not the spy cam.

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