Friday, June 16, 2006

Thoughts on Riding

I rode a road bike to work today. I really enjoyed the heads-down, fast-riding style. No matter how fat I get or how creaky my back and shoulders become, I feel comfortable pedaling hard on a road bike.

Check back in 10 years and see if that's still true.

My knee is holding up also. I've been looking into riding a 12-hour off-road race. I'm trying to convince a friend to do it. It would be much better to ride such an event with the support of nearby friends. I would also like to try a 24-hour team race. I can't get 3 other guys together though. My friends who are capable of such things keep moving, dropping out, or disappearing. Is it my deodorant?

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Anonymous said...

"Is it my deodorant?"

You wear deodorant???

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