Tuesday, July 10, 2007

12 Hour Off-Road Race

I participated in a 12-hour, off-road bike race last weekend. The weather was hot (not a dry heat) and the terrain was rougher than I expected. Overall, it was very difficult. I rode all I could then stopped short of 12 hours.

I enjoyed it and I'd like to do another. The next one available is the same day as a friend's event that I really want to attend also.

I rode the solo event. The race also had 2- and 4-rider categories. I think the solo event is easier, in a way, because I rode as fast (or slow) as I felt like and never felt pressure to ride fast for my team. If I had a team, I probably would have burned myself out much sooner.

Now that I'm talking about it, I loved this event. It was just my kind of ride.

I'm thinking of doing the same kind of ride at a local off-road trail on my own without a race going on. I heard of some guys doing it last year at Harmon Park in Inver Grove Heights. They road 100 miles. It's something to think about-- a do it yourself off-road endurance ride.


Eclectchick said...

Why not? There's a lot to be said for do-it-yourselfing. I really enjoyed my do-it-yourself Hellweek.

Hope you go for it!

rigtenzin said...

The dates of the other 12-hour events don't fit my schedule. I think the do-it-myself event is the best.

I'll post something on morcmtb.com and see if anyone else wants to join me.