Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Tour Comment

I watch the tour and have for many years. I'm addicted to watching it and have lots to say when I get a chance. Until this post, I've never mentioned it in my blog (at least I think that's correct).

So here it goes.

Each day after the tour, I've checked the big pro cycling news websites like Velonews and CyclingNews.com expecting another doping scandal to break. When I saw that Mayo tested positive, I was only surprised that it wasn't someone higher up in the placings.

Am I the only one feeling this way?


Frostbike said...

Somebody is trying to implicate Contador even as we speak.

rigtenzin said...

One thing's for sure. They need to complete this Operation Puerto crap -- either release the list or admit that it's too difficult to link code names with riders or something constructive, but the current situation makes no sense.

Eclectchick said...

Rig - hear hear!

Matt_J said...

They shoud have two tours-- one clean and one where anything goes.