Sunday, July 15, 2007

Troll on the Trail

This is a photo from Lebanon Hills off-road trail in Eagan, MN. The trail is built and maintained by the Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists (MORC). I'd heard they put a troll on the trail, but I really didn't imagine it was this big. It's located on one of the more difficult loops of the trail system. This loop includes a pretty tall log crossing, boulders to ride down, ladders, and a teeter totter. I don't enjoy all those scary things, so I haven't ridden this loop in more than a year.

Yesterday, I rode it and really enjoyed myself. I rode the teeter totter twice and rocks are nothing on my new Fisher 293. I picked it up yesterday before the ride. It mixes what I think are my ultimate features for this type of off-road riding: dual-suspension and 29" wheels.


Eclectchick said...

That's fantastic! Did the prospect of finding the troll enter into getting you out on that trail?

Kind of reminds me of when my mom put cool decals in the bottoms of our cereal bowls. This was in an effort to induce us to drink the milk in our bowls after downing all the cereal to discover what surprise might be lurking at the bottom of the bowl.

Jeff Moser said...

I've heard stories of "trail totems" before. I'll have to look that up...

Cool bike! I'd love to hear more about that monster.