Sunday, July 22, 2007

WNBA Lynx Game

A friend invited me and my kids to a Minnesota Lynx WNBA game the other day. My son and I attended and had fun watching the game and the people. We didn't expect such good seats though. We sat behind the visiting team. When they stood up for exciting moments or timeouts, we couldn't see the court.

We also sat behind a row of SuperFans. They're the types who call the referees names when a call goes against the home team. I think my 10-year old son enjoyed their comments. I bet it was the first time he'd heard this one, "You can shove that whistle up your ass, ref!"

That's an oldie, but a goody. Seeing or hearing, in this case, familiar things through the eyes of my kids is half the fun of being a parent.

1 comment:

amidnightrider said...

a rope, a tree. Hang the referee. Repeat.

Put that whistle away ref, your blowing the game.