Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nearly Abstract Post

I'm changing the tires on Main Bike Number One tonight. I'll put on the fat, smooth tires that don't make all that dang noise. The studs sound like crackling, as if I'm riding over gravel all the time. It's gotten to be a symbol for slow riding, darkness, and cold.

If we get anymore snow, too bad. I'll just have to rough it and ride without studded tires.

I've been riding Auxiliary Bike Number One this week. It has smooth tires and is a great commuter, but it's not as well suited to me as Main Bike Number One.

I think I'll take some photos to help identify which bike is which.

By the way, I've almost completed the old, rusty Hiawatha coaster-brake cruiser. It's ridable, but I want to wait for the roads to clear, as I don't want any salt getting on the frame. The frame is 90% covered in a rusty patina. I like the looks of it. The seatpost is frozen in the frame. That's a problem, because it's not frozen at the right height for me.

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red rabbit said...

You are going to loose your G status if you keep up your abstraction!!

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