Friday, March 21, 2008

Have You Decorated Your Easter Eggs Yet?

We had a little Easter Egg Deocorating party at my house.

This one is mine.

Here's a bowl full.

The bunnies held the dye. Fiesta ware is good for something.

This is a portion of the eggs.

These kids were pretty serious for a while.

Later, they had a competition to see who could make the ugliest egg.

My stomach felt a bit sick looking at these while the stench of boiled eggs still hung in the air.

The competition got out of hand when they began smashing the eggs in their grubby little hands and eating them on dares. We put an end to it then.

The Playmobil guy was helpless to stop the atrocities committed against the eggs.

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red rabbit said...

So how many did you eat and will they be hidden in the snow for the big hunt?

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