Saturday, March 22, 2008

Commuter Basket

I've wanted to install a basket on the front of my commuter bike for a while now. This morning, after the HC Saturday ride, I bought a used basket from the shop. I mounted it with zip ties. I carried some wrapped-up tires home from the shop. It handled well, as expected. This is a low trail bike and I assumed it would handle a front load nicely.

Time will tell, but I'm pretty pleased with it.

The ride was fun. A couple of inches of snow awaited us. We went to the Hard Times Cafe.


Anonymous said...

Nice set-up. What is the rack you mounted the basket to and does it have an upper support?

this verdant country said...

That basket looks like it should cost $100!

amidnightrider said...

I rode with a younger group the last two rides. If I would have arrrived with a basket, they probably wouldn't let me ride with them. 8>)

Personally, I do like it and have looked at getting one at KMart.

rigtenzin said...

It's a Nashbar rack. I bought it on one of those 10% off sales, so it was very cheap.

The basket however was a king's ransom! I'll be a paying that off into the next decade.

The rack mounts to the fork crown and the brake bosses. It was a bit fussy to mount as I had to stretch the rack to fit the bosses. Reinstalling the brakes was a bit of a pain due to the tight clearances created by the presense of a rack. Yes, I'm quite a whiner when I get a chance.

Baskets are normal at the Hiawatha Cyclery Saturday morning rides, but then so are fenders, racks, and bad breath.

rigtenzin said...

I don't want to leave the impression the Nashbar rack was too difficult to install. I'd do it again without question. It's like most rack installations, you usually need to work around something to get it done.

Smudgemo said...

I love my front basket, but I hate to put much weight in it. I don't like the heavy front-end feel, and prefer a heavily-loaded rear rack.

this verdant country said...

I should have those nets this weekend, if you still need one.

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