Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trip to Museum with Family and Friend

We visited the Minneapolis Institute of Art on Sunday afternoon. Disclaimer: This post contains very little bicycle content.

My wife wants us to build a smaller version of this shelf for our house. But that's not my wife in the photo.

I was impressed by this chair. It doesn't look like it's strong enough though. Since it's behind glass, I'll never know. I took these photos in the modern commercial exhibit.

How big do you think this dog is? A photo that provides some scale is located below somewhere.

I enjoy perspectives like this stairwell.

The county jail? No, silly. It's an art museum.

The dog is huge. They had drawing supplies available at this exhibit. My kids enjoyed drawing most of all.
The security guys took the guy away in the blue shirt because he was doing inappropriate things with the dog.

If I get run over by a car, I want it to be by this car driven by an exotic looking woman smoking a cigarette in a long cigarette holder. She will be wearing high heels and she won't stop to help me. But she'll deeply regret the small dent my bike makes in the body work.
The car is a Tatra.


Sophzilla said...

What kind of accent would the vehicular-homicide woman have? I think she'd also be wearing a scarf on her head, tied under her chin. Painted nails, too.

Scorpicon said...

I really do prefer scarf around her neck, but I guess that'd work better for a fun convertible shot.

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