Saturday, January 23, 2010

3-Speed Bar End Shifter on the Way to Me

I ordered one of these the other day. I intend to put it on my orange three speed and mate it to a to-be-built 3-speed hub. That will be the coolest setup ever.
Thanks to SOMA for bringing these in stock and I grabbed the image from their site.


amidnightrider said...

RYN about the SS.

Mine is not the gearing it's the sizing. I slapped on a pair of bar ends in the middle of the drops to help me with the comfort. I'll try it out today.

I did fiddle with the rear gear because all I could find for the front was a 44 and really wanted a 39x16 setup. Now it's 44x18 which is almost the same.

Scorpicon said...

That's an interesting design. It looks like it'd be awkward to fiddle with mid-ride, but I'm not a road cyclist, so what do I know? ;-)

rigtenzin said...

Ergonomically, it's easier than grabbing for the down-tube mounted levers, but it's less convenient than the combination brake/shift levers.

It's really not a new idea, just the part about being a three-speed is new. Previously, these shifters were for bikes with lots of cogs (5 or more).

It'll probably turn out to be crap and that will remind me why I'm not an early adopter.

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