Monday, January 25, 2010

An Adjustable Stem Would be Nice

Take a look at this adjustable stem listed on ebay. I've always wanted one, but I bet this goes for a fortune.


reverend dick said...

That is a stem finder, not a rideable stem. It's only meant to allow you the range to find your ideal stem angle/length while safely stationary on a trainer. Then you purchase or steal a stem to match your ideal set up and safely ride in the street or trail.

There are adjustable stems that can be ridden but they are crappy and develop play, and that is not one.

I'm glad you post again.

rigtenzin said...

That's what I guessed. It would take a huge amount of metal to make something that large be functional.

Thanks for being glad. I appreciate the good thought.

My avatar on MPLS Bike Love (a local bike forum) is that same self-butchering pig that you use. What a coincidence.

red rabbit said...

I 2nd what dick said: adjustable stem=bad news (anything I have to take the grinder to when it's brand new is bad in my book). Kinda like the guy who brought in an old MTB with a homemade spring contraption to "run" his 2 dogs with: he is one squirrel away from the ER.

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