Friday, January 22, 2010


Vista has installed two updates in the last two days. The updates sometimes take a moment and don't require a restart. Other times, they take a long time to download, install, and then require a long restart. This eats up lots of my time. I wish they could bundle them so I don't see them two days in a row. They don't often happen back to back, but my laptop's update history shows it happens once in a while.

Generally, I believe the updates are important for security reasons. That's why I don't delay installing them unless I'm in the middle of something.

After each update, I look at the update history to see what's been installed. Today, I counted the updates that have been installed through 2009.

Guess how many?

How did you guess?

66. That's right, I saw 66 packages of updates last year. Many of the updates contained several smaller updates (sub-updates?).

Disclaimer: I use the computer my employer provided and it has Vista installed. They were going to upgrade to Windows 7, but they might be purchasing new computers. I guess that's what prevented us from upgrading.


KM said...

My friends in corporate IT are constantly raging against Vista. And yet, several CIO's I know somewhat secretly use Mac's exclusively. I cannot figure out why, when a company is looking at replacing computers, they don't consider Macs. Yes, they are more expensive but are now PC like in their operating systems - without most of the hassles.

rigtenzin said...
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rigtenzin said...

It's funny you mention Macs, because some of the guys I work with have them and I may have one too if everything works out.

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