Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Longfellow's Statue

I ride by this statue of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow every few days. It's located in the upper part of Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis. That's the part of the park built on a bridge over Highway 55.

I shouldn't really know where the statue is located, but I'm a cheater and I ride my bike on the trail that is clearly posted "NO BIKES." It's for pedestrians only. Too bad. It's the best way, other than riding on the road, to get through the jumble of trails and street crossings the city built in that area. They missed a great chance to route the bike path through the flower garden and under the bridge. It would have provided a carless crossing through the area for bicyclists and a bicycle-less crossing for auto drivers.

If you are interested in history and geography, check out the Wikipedia page for Minnehaha Park. I'm going to explore the park with my kids this weekend and try to find all the statues. I'll make it a photo scavenger hunt.

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