Friday, July 07, 2006

Scroll Wheels are Cool

I just spilled water on my mouse. It's behaving very strangly now. The
scroll wheel is not responding anymore. It's quite frustrating. I can't believe how much I rely on the scroll wheel. I remember when I first started using it and I thought I'd never count on such a gimic.

When the water dries, I'm sure it will work correctly again. I once spilled Mountain Dew on my keyboard. The keys were sticking within a few minutes. That was at previous employer's place and I had to submit a help-desk ticket to find out I had to submit a hardware request that needed to be approved by my boss. I finally swapped keyboards with the machine sitting in the unused contractor cube. I'm so naughty.

The fact that I miss the scroll wheel got me thinking. I used to think it was a gimic and now I'm frustrated without it. I wonder what other gimics I'm overlooking. Cell phones? MP3 players? Man-boob implants?


Anonymous said...

Life without my man-boob implants?! Gasp.

Eclectchick said...

Didja have to mention man-boob implants??? Feeling all squicky now.

BTW, I can no longer function without the little scroll wheel doo-hickey. (shaking head in shame)

Sophzilla said...

I love the scroll wheel. It's such work moving the mouse back and forth.

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