Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not about the Scroll Wheel

I promise not to mention the scroll wheel in this post.

I dug out the pencams as promised in my last post. I was wrong. I have a Kodak, an Aiptek and a Cool I-Cam. The Kodak is unusable, because I can't get my PC to recognize it in any way. I worked for a while and gave up. Junk.

The Aiptek is a on the heavy side. I've carried it a couple of times in my jersey pocket, but it feels like I have the weight of a small apple hanging in there, for comparison sake.

The Cool I-Cam works. I can access its photos with my PC and they are spendidly poor. As a hero of mine once said, "deliciously awful."

Here are a couple of the Cool I-Cam shots for your disapproval.

A flower of some sort in our garden

Some kids on a swing set

A little kid soccer game

The sidelines of the soccer game (The color on this one is nice compared to the others.)

It's too bad the Kodak doesn't work. I bought it back when I had Windows 98 and it worked. The photos were much better than the Cool I-Cam. But Windows XP doesn't want anything to do with it. I downloaded the newest drivers from Kodak, but that didn't help. Perhaps I'll shop a bit for something with more quality than the Aiptek. Money is no object as long as it's less than $20. Big spender I am. My dad calls me Dusty Wallet.


Anonymous said...

"My dad calls me Dusty Wallet."

Huh? You're one of my best customers!

Speaking of, if you want to get those nipples of yours twisted, I have just the tool for you.

Did any of that sound dirty?

Sophzilla said...

Why, why, why isn't there a small, lightweight spycam, under $50 (I'm a big spender) with a photocard in it? My spycam isn't too hot either. It chews up batteries like no one's business. (What does "like no one's business" really mean? I do like the sound of it.)

rigtenzin said...
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rigtenzin said...

I deleted my last comment, because it was chock full 'o typos.

I'll find one and let you know. I work with nerds and if I tell them that something doesn't exist, they'll work very hard to prove me wrong and establish their nerd cred.

My computer won't recognize my spycam again. Why did it work two days ago and now it's kaput? I'll walk over to Circuit City today and have a look in the junk-camera aisle. I work across the parking lot from Circuit City. It's kinda nice when you want to buy electronics, because I hate driving to those big-box type of places and parking. By the time I get in the store, I'm usually pooped out. I only have about two-minutes worth of shopping in me per week, not including grocery shopping. Because grocery shopping can be fun.

Eclectchick said...

Oh, yes. These photos look exactly like my spycam's - or better, actually.

One thing that happens with my spycam - I have to make sure it is connected via the USB cable to my computer BEFORE I even open the software. If I don't I get a driver failure message. What a pain.

rigtenzin said...

I think my spycam is obsolete. Both of them and their software components were built before Win XP. I usually argue that things we consider obsolete are not. It's just that we usually prefer to buy cool, shiny stuff that has more features than our old stuff. But in this case, my stuff may be obsolete.

A friend, who is a Linux advocate, recommended that I search for drivers written for Linux. That would mean I'd have to change my whole life, wouldn't it? That's like deciding you should change religions, because you don't like the look of door at your current shrine. That's an exaggeration, but a fun one.

rigtenzin said...

By the way, Jim, I found your twisted nipple comments so disturbing that I put you on probation. I'm watching you, mister.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, after I posted, I was kind of disturbed by that comment myself. Anyway, I do have a Bicycle Research NDS TL 1003 spoke nipple driver with your name on it. Sounds less dirty that way.

I hope that was you who requested that item...I know somebody did. If it's not you, I'm embarrassed.

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