Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Summer Vacation

We just returned from a vacation. I had a few chances to ride with some friends. They live in Steamboat Springs, CO and it was great.

I loved riding in the mountains. I rode a friend's mountain bike and rode myself into the ground. Then I rented a road bike and rode myself into the pavement. I love the hills and mountains. I'm a lousy descender, but the uphills are what it's all about. I need to ride somewhere like that more often. I hope I'm not too disappointed with my little ride to work tomorrow.

While riding down a mountain road, I encountered speed wobble. I've run into it before and it's really frightening. I locked my knees onto the top tube and slowed down. I've been able to induce it on most of my road bikes in the past. I think I'm made to create speed wobble. When it happened the other day, my confidence was shot on the downhills.

If you've got a speed wobble story, let me know.

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Eclectchick said...

I don't have a speed wobble story, and furthermore never desire to have one.

I'm a descending wimp. I'm also a gravel wimp.

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