Thursday, July 27, 2006

Street Repair Examples

In a recent post I said I've found a difference in the quality of street repairs between Minneapolis and St. Paul. I took some decent photos today as examples using the Creep Cam. I realize my experiences are merely anecdotal. I am not sure why there seems to be a difference. I'm not sure anyone else cares. But here they are:

St. Paul manhole cover repair on Raymond Ave.

Minneapolis manhole cover on 42nd Street (thanks Ray)

Both of these repairs are at least a year old. The Minneapolis one was in this condition before summer. I like the Minneapolis repair, because the asphalt has flowed over one of the manhole covers. It's like they used black gummy bears to fill in the hole. They get an A for creativity. The St. Paul repair doesn't compare with regard to creativity. It's very square and even. I usually avoid manhole covers regardless of how smooth they are, but I ride over the middle of this one in St. Paul and don't even feel it. Where's the fun in that? I'd get some air off of the Minneapolis one, but it's located at a stop sign and I'd have to run it to get enough speed to catch air.


Sophzilla said...

St. Paul must be a little more interested in aesthetics. Either that or Minneapolis lets kids do the work. You might catch air but the work looks pretty sloppy to me.

I love 'creep cam.' Much better than spycam. I hope you don't mind if I begin using the terms interchangably.

rigtenzin said...

Go ahead and use creepy cam as long as you don't really do anything creepy with it.

Eclectchick said...

Heh heh. LOVE the contrast.

Reminds me of the road quality found depending on what side of Bald Eagle Lake one is riding.

rigtenzin said...

Now, I need to look up Bald Eagle Lake.

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