Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I installed fenders on my Davidson. The fenders came from a dumpstered Fuji mixte. I thought they were cheap chromed steel. After sitting in the garage for a year or so, I realized they must be stainless steel.

I had to build the front stay from aluminum stock. Not too bad.

I still need to install some better fitting bars and a better looking stem.

I want it to look like it came from this book.


Doug said...

That's a nice looking bike. I like the fenders and the the great job you did on the front stays.

Eclectchick said...

Cool. I find myself wondering how many bikes you own . . . Are you like Robin Williams, with 60 bikes in your garage?

Jon said...

Looking good with the fenders. Hope to see this on the HC ride soon.

Hey EC, Robin Williams has 60 bikes?

Sophzilla said...

I think wooden fenders would carry the retro look well. Do you ever get to use a blowtorch in your bike work? And do you ever refer to your bikes as Frankenbikes? It's late, I'm tired and goofy.

rigtenzin said...

Wooden fenders are available, but they are flat and don't follow the contours of the tires so I think they look kinda wrong. Some people love 'em though.

I would never touch a bike with a blow torch, but I like to run screaming into my kids bedrooms late at night with the blow torch going. They have a good laugh after they stop crying.

The blue thing with the yellow fenders should be called Frankenbike for sure.

Pooks said...

I am lusting after the blue thing with yellow fenders, damn it. Lusting.

But this bike is cool, too.

Robin Willliams has 60 bikes? Does he, you know, actually ride them?

rigtenzin said...

I've read that Robin Williams has lots and lots of bikes. He has the bike sickness that I'm familiar with. If I had the money to buy all the bikes I like, I'd have dozens and dozens.

You can only ride a few of them regularly. If they sit around without being ridden, you're a collector. I'm not a collector. But if that's what you're into, that's fine.

rigtenzin said...

How many bikes? I'll count them and report back. It's probably less than 10 rideable bikes. I've sold a few this summer and I still need to get rid of a few more.

I have a dream of having one bike, then I laugh and come back to my senses.

Eclectchick said...

(and 10 years later)

Yes - I just read the Robin William stats today. He also said something about the 60 bikes taking up less room than his car in the garage.

I find myself wondering how many cars Robin has and if his bike obsession goes so far as to cause him to eschew the car-gobbling problem many rich and famous seem to have.

Doug said...

I, personally, don't really care about at all Robin Williams or how many bikes he has.

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