Wednesday, September 13, 2006

St. Paul Classic after Ride Report

I rode the St. Paul Classic this past Sunday. I met a friend at Hiawatha Cyclery before the ride. No one else could make it.

I decided to adjust my seat height and broke the binder bolt. So I rode home, (only about 2 miles) standing up the whole time, grabbed a different bike from the garage, and rode to St. Paul.

We crossed the Ford Parkway bridge and ran straight into the ride route. We couldn't figure out why we needed to check in, so we joined the ride. We had already paid anyway.

A light mist was falling and throughout the ride increased to a light rain. We never complained. It was fun to ride without auto traffic through beautiful St. Paul. It's more hilly than my normal riding. I felt like I had a good workout even though the entire distance was only about 42 miles.

I had one of the best cookies at the last rest stop located in the Como Lake Pavilion. It was a large chocolate chip and raspberry cookie.

I saw at least three chainsaw-carved bears along the ride route. One was a panda. No photos, sorry.

At the end of the ride, we tried to check in, but couldn't find the right tent. We rode home.

I needed time to prepare for my daughter's bowling alley birthday party. That was lots of fun also, but it's another story.


jim w said...

Thank you for helping me around St Paul. You're a great tour guide.

rigtenzin said...

You are welcome. Although I'm pretty sure you would have found your way without my constant chattering.

Sometimes, I listen to my kid's non-stop talking and wonder where they get it. Then I hear myself and understand.

Sophzilla said...

Oh! A bowling party! Was it the same crazy group that was at the art party last year? They're a hoot! Happy birthday to the young Ms. Rigtenzin!

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