Sunday, September 03, 2006

The St. Paul Classic

I plan to ride in the St. Paul Classic next weekend, Sunday, Sept. 10. I've always wanted to ride on car-free streets through St. Paul. It's pretty expensive ($30), but I've missed it 11 years in a row.

If anyone wants to join me, let me know.

The next weekend, is the All British Cycling Event (ABCE). I'll attend the swap meet and ride. I plan to ride to that one also. That will stretch my personal one-day mileage record for the riding a 3 speed. The ride starts in New Brighton. I guess that's about 12 to 15 miles from my house. The ride is 45 miles. That should be at least 70 miles. That distance is more of a chore on an upright 3 speed than some might think.

By the way, even if you are not interested in this sort of event, take a minute to read the ABCE website. The writing is lots of fun. The guy who puts it all together is very talented in many ways.


Frostbike said...

I've ridden the Classic a couple of times, and it's a great ride. I'm going to try to make it this year too.

Eclectchick said...

OHMIGOSH! The ABCE sounds like a dream for us Anglophiles.

Would I get booed out of town and have overripe tomatoes thrown at me if I show up on my Cervelo?

I can come toting an awesome Cockney, Standard or High British accent . . .

rigtenzin said...

Contact the organizer to see if you can borrow a bike. He's got a million of them. My extra 3 speed has a bent fork, otherwise I'd offer it to you.

Eclectchick said...

Thanks for the lead. I'm verrry tempted. However, with the hamstring nightmare I am still stuck in, I'm even more psycho than usual about my bike fit.

Therefore, only me own bike'll do at present. Maybe next year!

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