Friday, September 08, 2006

My New Headlight Works Great

It's this time of year when I install my serious bike lighting. I have a spotlight for seeing the road and a white blinky for being seen. I wear a couple of red blinkies on the my back.

I couldn't find my 10 watt spotlight last week. I dug around everywhere I could think of. I found the mount, the battery, and the wires, but no light. So I rode with only the white blinky in front and didn't feel very safe. I missed the big light.

A couple days ago after giving up the search for the headlight, I bought a Inoled 1 watt LED headlight that works with my current battery and wiring setup. Hiawatha Cyclery had it in stock. I doubt any other shops around here do.

It is noticeably brighter than my old 10 watt halogen (the one I lost). Once again cars stop for me at stop signs and I can see the road well enough to avoid potholes and roadkill. Don't laugh. I once rode with a guy who purposely rode over a well-dried opossum and got a puncture from one of the bones. Smartasses always get what they deserve.

This reminds me that I've often wanted to see what I look like to others on the road (not as roadkill, but at night with my lights on). Maybe I can find a friend or loved one to ride my bike at night and I can follow them in a car. A photo of that would be nice.


Frostbike said...

I've got a 10w Planet Bike Alias that I use as a helmet mounted light. Once it dies, I'll probably replace it with this one. Thanks for the head's up.

Anonymous said...

Check out my friend Karl's excessively powerful homebrewed lighting.
I like the 50 W system from the oncoming driver's perspective. Karl reports that oncoming drivers often pull off the road and stop until he passes.

rigtenzin said...

The photos of Karl's lighting are really nice. The light is impressive, but the photos are really outstanding.

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