Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Snow Bike Term

Today's HC ride was a snow tongue ride (if you had fenders, you'd understand).

I thought I'd show some of the bikes we ride in the snow. Here's Pete's. It's a single speed, soon to be a three-speed. It has studded tires.

Here's Jim's single-speed ATB. I don't know what tires he's running.

Here's a pair of Surly Cross Checks.

We piled our bikes on the snow bank at the coffee shop. They gave us our own room inside. Is it because we were stinky?

Here's a snow udder. See the formation of gunk hanging from the down tube, just in front of the bottom bracket?Here's a closer view.


LvilleTex said...

Nice to see pics of such varied mounts, especially in such attractive conditions.

Anonymous said...

well, since Mr. Thill cancelled his blog and peed in the punch...I'll go ahead and be That Guy :his chain is limp and dangly and his gear is small.

Anonymous said...

Wrong Jim.

Doug said...

About a month ago I had what started out as a snow udder and turned into a snow penis. I wanted to take a picture of it and post it on my blog, but it would have ruined my G-rating. Sorry if I just blew (no pun intended)your G-rating.

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