Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weather Talk

I know I'm getting old, because I love to talk about weather. The next step in aging is incessant talk about health problems, followed by talk of how people died.

"Poor old Dave. He went to the doctor one day with some stomach pains and they operated on him the next day. The doctors said they just sewed him up 'cause the cancer had spread so far they couldn't do anything about it." This an actual conversation and many of us will repeat it sometime in the future.

Enough happy talk, let's move onto the weather.

I felt overdressed on my ride into work today. I was prepared for the weather of the last couple days so I wore too many layers. I stopped twice to make clothing adjustments. Even my feet were warm.

When I got into work, I looked at a weather website. It was about 20 degrees F. and and I had a tiny tail wind. I noticed that tomorrow will be lots colder, about 15 to 20 degrees colder. I'll just wear the same layers tomorrow that I wore today.

Saturday will be brutal. They're predicting a high of -3. The whole point of this post is to show you the icon they placed on Saturday's forecast. That guy looks cold. I blew up the icon 800%. He still looks cold. The HC ride will be awesome. We can ride down the street to the Quickee Mart for sprinkled donuts.


Frostbike said...

I can tell it's really cold when my ride to the shop is longer than the actual shop ride.

Jackrabbit Slim said...

Today I took off and the right engine surged and I had to shut it down and land in Anchorage on the remaining engine with the Flight Attendant bitching in my ear only to have the instructor tell me I should have flown the nose more down to the runway....oh and the visibility was 2 miles with a 500 foot ceiling of stratus clouds, calm winds and temp of 5 deg C. I feel old too.

Jerome said...

Hey buddy, you're not old, you're just a cyclist. I've never cared so much about the weather since I've been mounting the metal stead for transport. Cheers to the cold!

Matt_J said...

The problem around here is its too damn unseasonably warm. Birds are singing, bulbs are coming up and the last two evenings I have heard cats going at it outside the house. Took my studded wheel back off.

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