Sunday, January 06, 2008

We Drink Coffee at Upscale Places

Here are a couple photos from the Aster Cafe where the Saturday Hiawatha ride participants drank coffee. It's a pretty nice place. I took some photos outside with my new lens, but I had the white balance set for incandescent lights so the outside photos are all blue. I usually leave the white balance on auto, but I set it manually earlier.

As a special treat, I've created an animated gif file of Ray riding up to Hiawatha Cyclery on Saturday morning. If you look closely, you can see that Ray gives me a hand signal. You may have seen this gesture before. I apologize for the blueness, again that was a white balance problem. A lesson I should have learned by now.


Eclectchick said...

Heck, I think the blueness is a really lovely effect!

Gonna have to come on one of these HC rides and see this Aster Cafe for myself.

Frostbike said...

Take that wine bottle picture down. My wife thinks I go to crappy little coffee shops and spend all my money on bike parts. She'll never forgive me if she finds out I'm spending all my money on froofy coffee and pastries!

rigtenzin said...

To Pete's Wife: Pete never spends a penny when we stop at coffee shops. He drinks a glass of water and sometimes we share our muffins with him.

Yon Saucy Wench said...

This is the wife o' Pete...You are so busted!

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