Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's Your Blog Rated?

Here's a site that rates your blog. I don't know what process it uses to rate your blog, but the rating comes up in the familiar movie rating format: G, PG, R, etc.

This blog is rated G.

That is exactly what I intended (except for the comments left by you). However, after I received the rating, I was a little disappointed. If you know me personally, you'll know that my language is not always G rated.

Maybe I'm just a big phony (as Holden Caulfield would say).

Thanks to the Surly bikes blog for the link.


amidnightrider said...

I would probably get a G rating too. It's very insulting.

Sophzilla said...

G for me, too. I need to start using some swears.

Matt_J said...

Heh heh, PG for me, due to the words 'pain' and 'gun'.

Eclectchick said...

Phew, I'm rated PG. This was due to using the word "dead" 4 times, and the word "hell" 3 times. Heh.

I was prepared to be insulted with a G rating.

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