Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Lunch Ride

I rode the Sekai today on the lunch ride. The bike rides great. I need to make a few changes:
1. Replace the saddle. I've got one in mind that I like the feel of and it will match the bike better.
2. Replace the brake levers. I want a set of old Mafacs. Anyone? I started with a set of aero levers, but they looked like grandma using a bluetooth earpiece. The current levers feel wrong and slip. When I tighten them, the lever binds.
3. Tape the bars with tan cork.
4. Install metallic fenders. I like hammered Honjos, but Mellow Velo nearly convinced me they are too fragile for regular bikes.
5. The gearing is too tall for me. The crankset, to which I am attached, has a 47 tooth chainring. If anyone can find me a smaller three-arm SR Custom chainring, I'll be happy. But with a 20 tooth cog on back it is a little steep for me.
6. Build a dedicated single-speed rear wheel.

That's it.


LvilleTex said...

no close ups of bike. looks purty.

Frostbike said...

Nice backdrops. You inside a prison and/or breaking rocks in the hot sun?

rigtenzin said...

I'm a trustee and they let me ride a bike around in the exercise yard.

Actually, that's the wall below Ft. Snelling along the bike path.

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