Friday, November 07, 2008

More Talk about Bike Trails

On the way to work the other day, a truck driver pulled up next to me and began screaming. He spewed the usual stuff about riding on the bike path and the millions of dollars we spent on paths.

I told him to use the highway and rode off. He passed me and gave me the bird. His behavior exceeded my expectations. I felt really stupid the rest of the day, because I should have come up with better things to say.

Here's some background on this trail. The reason I don't ride that particular bike path is because it's a gloried sidewalk, or at least that's been opinion. I rode the path one time before. It has a railroad crossing that is so rough, my tire bottomed out on the rim. I didn't get the expected pinch flat, but I decided to ride on the road instead. A couple months ago, I stopped to help a rider near the same crossing. His bike had a pinch flat probably caused by the rough tracks. The crossing on the road is pretty nice in comparison. Another reason I didn't use the trail is that they didn't plow the snow on it last year. Also, just last week, I noticed a large construction dumpster parked across the trail. It was there for a couple days.

On the way home, the same day the trucker yelled at me, I noticed some repairs had been done on the bike path railroad crossing. This morning, I decided to try the trail again and found it serviceable. The trail avoids a busy intersection that I feel is dangerous. Using the trail also allows me to avoid a left-hand turn at a four-way stop in the dark.

I guess I'm rethinking my decision to not use the trail. But if the trucker sees me on the bike trail, he'll think yelling at people is the way to get things done.

I'm thinking of wearing a big sign that says, "To the trucker who yelled at me: I'm riding this trail because I chose to not because you yelled at me. And fuck you anyway!"

I think that sums up my feelings pretty well.


red rabbit said...

I fear you may be loosing your g-rating. Wouldn't some of those A-Team spike balls be great to throw at his tires!??!?

Matt_J said...

Holy crap, what a moron -- all you were doing was trying to get to work. As friendly policeman told us at the Lincoln Elementary Bike Day in 1978, bikes have the same rights and responsibilities as any other vehicle on the road. Take the highway was a good comeback. I wonder what effect Bible verses would have had -- Hey buddy, love thy neighbor, eh?

dean899 said...

we also have a conceal and carry law.. get a gun quick before barack takes them away ;) packing heat is the only deterent

amidnightrider said...

Sometimes speaking Spanish or Arabic to people like that really piss them off.

Tell him, "This is America, speak spanish, next time.

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