Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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I rode to work in the daylight today. I like light. I think light is important. It makes photos look better, even from the creepycam like the photo below.
I created this post in Google Docs.


LvilleTex said...

so how many miles of bike paths are there in Mn/StP? If you discount our Riverwalk, which doesn't lend to commuting, then we have very, very few.

Jim Thill said...

Tex: A guy I know did a century (161 km) all on bike paths, without retracing his steps. It wasn't all paved urban paths, because he did a loop along some state trails (crushed limestone) that go way out into the suburbs.

If you count streets with bike lanes, I suspect that there are a good 100 miles of bike infrastructure with Mple-StPaul city limits, but I don't have hard data on that.

I like our extensive network of bike paths, but I generally ride on quiet residential streets.

red rabbit said...

light is for sissies! I'm going skiing tomorrow in Kincaid Park.

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