Monday, November 10, 2008

Latest Project

I hastily put together a little project this weekend. I hastily took a few photos of it and was really disappointed with the photos. The sun was setting, so available light was too low for good images. The photos also highlighted some mechanical and visual shortcomings of the bike. So I'm not showing much of it until I correct a few things.

Anyway, here's a single photo. This crankset will stay. This bike is a garage sale Sekai. I really like the ride and so I'm building it up just the way I want it.


lemmiwinks said...

Someone is building a fixie!

rigtenzin said...

That's an option. It will definitely have only one gear. I have a look for this bike. I've never had that in mind when building one before.

Scorpicon said...

Sounds pretty neat. Here's hoping we get to see more of this build soon!

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