Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My Scroll Wheel is Dry

I returned Monday morning to work and found my mouse thoroughly dry. My scroll wheel is working like a champ again. Yea for our team!

I recently found a group of cyclists who document their rides with pen cams, or spy cams. Some of you are familiar with these types of cameras. I did a little searching on pen cams and found I already own three of them: one tiny Kodak and two Aipteks.

As I looked through the cyclists photos, I was impressed by what I saw. I usually consider these cameras junky. I've used them and know their limitations. But when used with those limitations in mind, I think they can be useful.

I've noticed the number of photos I've taken recently has gone down dramatically since I bought my digital SLR. It takes great photos, but it's so big I don't carry it many places.

Tonight, I'll dig out the pen cams, load some fresh batteries, and see which one works best. Then I'll carry it on most bike rides, I promise. You may see the results here.


Sophzilla said...

Your psycam is much cooler looking than mine. Better pictures too. Does it have a photocard or does it store the photos on internal memory (thus making pictures moot when the battery goes dead -- love that!)?

Eclectchick said...

ACK! I just erased my comment, so I'll try again and be more succinct. ALWAYS check your batteries before heading out on your bike, and just throw an extra battery in your jersey pocket. Even if you batteries are alive when you check them, when you go to take THE picture, they'll be suddenly dead.

Hear me know, believe me later.

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