Sunday, July 16, 2006

Things Found on the Road

I've found a few things while riding lately. Last week, I found a magnetic, yellow ribbon. I brought it in and stuck it to a coworkers file cabinet. He threw it at me. I stuck it to another guy's desk, he threw it at me. Those things hurt more than you think.

I also found a 12mm socket. It's really nice and doesn't have the roadside grind marks that most tools get when they lay in the traffic. If I keep my head down, I'll probably find an entire tool kit and maybe run into a parked car.

I displayed this flower, because I like it.


Sophzilla said...

I love the found object. There are so many interesting things along the road. I like to make up stories on how they got there.

Sophzilla said...

Pretty flowers, too!

rigtenzin said...

Make up stories -- I can do that.

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