Saturday, January 20, 2007

CreepyCam goes on the HC Saturday Ride

Welcome to the CreepyCam Gallery. Today, I'm displaying a few bad photos from today's Hiawatha Cyclery Saturday ride. Seven well dressed gents made the ride today. No one complained about the heat.
We headed west and north through the southern part of Minneapolis along the bike trails and streets.

We started off not knowing where we were going. Except, Nigel (Jim of Oil is for Sissies) knew we were headed for the CRC Coffee shop.
The main roads were plowed, but the side streets were not and a bit dicey for those without studded tires and those of us who are not Yoopers.

We crossed over I-35W using a pedestrian bridge.

We arrived at the CRC Coffee shop and locked our bikes to their outstanding racks. I wish the CreepyCam could show the racks. They're chrome curly Qs, like a giant spring. The shape of the racks makes it easy to fit bikes in and lock them. Not all racks work so easily.

With the bikes safely locked in front of CRC Coffee, we went inside for coffee, pastries, and Coke(wtf?).

After drinking coffee and talking about bikes, we suited up for the ride back to HC.

We returned HC. Where they also have nice bike racks. I forgot to get a photo of the giant Poodle next door to HC. Next time.


Snakebite said...

I need to get back there sometime soon. I'm craving a Hiawatha Saturday ride.

Anonymous said...

That Nigel is a handsome and stylish SOB.

Eclectchick said...

Does your spycam know you call her/him CreepyCam?

Apertome said...

What is this CreepyCam? Does it mount on your helmet or something? I've been wanting to find a way to do something like that ...

Cool photoessay, too. It is too bad you can't make out more detail.

rigtenzin said...
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rigtenzin said...

I'll try this again. There were too many typos in my last comment so I deleted it.

I'll post something about the CreepyCam again. It's a digital pen cam -- hand held. It's very low resolution and tiny. I can keep it in my jersey pocket or shirt pocket and not even notice it. It weighs a little more than the two AAA batteries that power it. I see Aiptek makes one that is just as small, but has higher resolution and uses an SD card. That would be nice. There's a Flickr/Yahoo pencam bicycle gallery. I'll try to find it and post it with my CreepyCam info.

The quality is awful, yes? Sometimes, I like the results.

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