Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kids take photos of the darndest things

My daughter wandered through the house with the camera and took lots of photos.

Caution: If you click on the photo, you'll see a larger image and some disturbing details.

The lesson?

1. Don't allow kids to roam around unsupervised with cameras.
2. Pay more attention to personal grooming.


Anonymous said...

gahhhH! my eyes!

Eclectchick said...

Thanks for the invite. However, I am going to refrain from clicking on the photo.

Sophzilla said...

My brother -- not Mike, Steve -- likes to sneak my camera and take closeups of his mouth with food in it, out-of -focus shots of people's eyes and noses, furniture, etc. This was much more bothersome when I used a film camera.

But on the up side, he makes really good eggs whenever I visit him.

rigtenzin said...

Did you see the little hair growing from my earlobe? That really bothered me.

Sophzilla said...

I tried not to look.

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