Monday, January 29, 2007

Quiz Time #1

Question: Are you done with the laundry?

Answer: This is a trick question. The laundry is NEVER done!

Ahhhh! We need a new washing machine to be invented. It would be the size of a small room and wash the entire family's dirty clothes in one load and dry it without moving it all to another damned machine. Then gnomes would fold the laundry just the way I want it. Next, a team of trained, non-shedding dogs would put all the clothes in the correct dressers and closets. The dogs would receive my undying love and devotion. I'd pay the gnomes handsomely with mushrooms and toadstools.


Eclectchick said...

Are you taking orders? I'll take 2 gnomes, please.

Sophzilla said...

You could do what my 12th grade English teacher did. He wore the same outfit every day for a week. That would certainly cut down on the laundry. He didn't have to worry about spills either. Nothing but doubleknit!

Anonymous said...

I wear the same outfit every day for a week. Sometimes several weeks in a row. I just change my socks and undies on a more or less daily basis.

I should mention that I wear mostly wool, which doesn't retain odors (much). I know you're allergic to wool.

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