Monday, January 15, 2007

New Blogger is OK

The other day, I accepted the opportunity to convert my blogger template to a new thing they've offered, for those of you who use beta blogger (new Blogger).

I had fun with it. I changed my template, as you have probably noticed. I easily added lots of links to your blogs and chose to have blogger organize the list of links alphabetically. I get so confused by the alphabet. I only know the first few letters and the ones near the first letter of my last name (I had to stand in lines organized that way for years). I don't care about the rest of the alphabet, so when it comes time to alphabetize lists, I avoid it. Now the machine can do it for me. That's what these stinkin' machines are for anyway.

I also found customizing my template is easier.

Three cheers for the new version of blogger!

The purpose of this post is to compensate for the crappy things I said about the new version in a previous post.

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Dan said...

I just learned today that a Blogger user can use a custom domain name that points to the Blogspot servers. No need to get a hosting contract! I may try this out.

This site has more info.

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