Friday, May 11, 2007


We have two rhododendron bushes in front of our house. Disclaimer: I'm not a gardener, just a fancier of the two bushes in front of our house. If you aren't familiar with this plant, they come in two types: deciduous and evergreen. Apparently, we have the evergreen type. It's nice to have some greenery during the winter that isn't piney.

The buds have just appeared on ours and I'll take a progression of photos as they bloom. The flowers are big and beautiful.

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KM said...

The highest point in Virginia is Mt Rodgers -- just shy of 4000 feet. On the way to the top, the trail winds its way through an enormous field of rhododendron plants. Linda and I had the good fortune to be hiking through there when they were in full bloom. It was like walking through a waist high sea of red, pink and white water -- truly a spectacular sight.

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