Friday, May 18, 2007

A Week of Bikes in Photos

Broken axle




Reflector Collector said...

I think that I might have been inspired to try riding as many different bikes to work as I can. I've been playing around with mixing up the route, not taking the same way to or from work. Maybe now it is time to mix up the selection of bikes too.

Eclectchick said...

Holy cow - that looks like a greyhound on the red bike!

Frostbike said...

What bike did you ride today?

Gordy said...

Mmm delicious bike porn Thad. Okay except for the busted axle.

On the three speed tour tomorrow? Enjoy! Maybe you could say hi to the Elephant when you're there?

Unknown said...

Yes, where are all the 3-speed tour reports? I've been watching the usual blogs and nothing yet.

I think I recognize your blue Davidson, think I may have been on a Hiawatha Cyclery ride with you last year.

rigtenzin said...

eclectchick: That's a heron on the Raleigh logo.

Pete: I didn't ride to work on Friday, but I did some errands on the red three speed.

gordy: Why does Jon have the elephant? Jon had the best bike there, by the way.

verlaine: Thank you for the reminder. I just posted a few photos. I have lots more, but Blugger is preventing me from uploading more.

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