Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Today's Ride Photos

This time of year, I see the sun rising during my ride. That's from about 5:30 to 6:15. And today I forgot a useful camera.

So instead, for your viewing pleasure, I present the CreepyCam photo gallery (with commentary by me)!

These are America's gods. They bring us everything we want.

This is Broadway and Industrial, for anyone who cares. The interstate on-ramp in just ahead. Drive faster!

This is a very short dirt trail along my ride. When I take this dirt trail, I miss the most frightening road on my route: Walnut Street which leads to Terminal Road. The city recently repaired some of the chuck holes along Walnut. When I looked closely, I realized they filled the holes with the bodies of bicyclists.


Scorpicon said...

Your camera's inability to take photos that are true to life ends up making these photos look really amazing. It's a fantastic colorful haze.

Eclectchick said...

"I realized they filled the holes with the bodies of bicyclists."

Now THAT is something Creepycam needs to get a picture of?

What kind of machine is used to cram the corpses flat into the holes? Simple steamroller, ya think?

Anonymous said...

I always get a bad vibe from the Broadway and Industrial intersection.... and Walnut Street is a holy terror. your detour around it is peaceful, but watch out for golf balls.

Matt_J said...

Maybe the bicyclists packed themselves into the holes in multiple acts of spontaneous self-sacrifice.

rigtenzin said...

I believe they grind the cyclists up before pouring them into the holes. Then they coat them with asphalt (ash-fault if you're Canadian).

Tim, I wear a helmet to protect my head from golf balls, not crashes.

Jerome said...

That's right eh

Eclectchick said...

Matt and Rig - your comments both made me laugh out loud. I nearly baptized my monitor with green tea spewage.

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